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Your In-Depth Guide on Home Security Systems

Due to a consistent rise in the number of incidents involving burglaries and so-called smash-and-grab theft, it’s obvious to be a tad concerned about your safety and security. But is there a solid way to keep trouble off your doorstep? Well, taking some precautionary measures and getting a home security system installed may well be the way to go.

Basic Functioning of a Home Security Systems

You can always start with a very basic system if the home alarm systems cost is bothering you a bit. These basic systems usually have alarms on your front and rear doors with a motion detector installed in your house. These alarms are then connected to a central panel, which also has buttons to turn the system on and off.

When someone enters your house and trips the alarm, you will hear a siren in the house. At the same time, the security system monitoring company will be notified of this alarm over the telephone lines. When the company receives such notification, they make a call back to your house and ask for a “key code”. Failing to provide that code will inform the monitoring company that something is wrong and they will straight away notify the local police.

This is the most basic form of a security system, but these bare-bones systems are not always effective. For instance, the system will fail to protect you if someone chooses to break-in through a window. Luckily, you don’t always have to stick with such basic systems considering the number of home security system companies offering sophisticated products, including a “full perimeter” system that equips all ground-level doors and windows with alarms.

A Variety of Options

There are hordes of options available in the market for someone interested in taking advantage of these home security systems.  It is possible to find a wired home security system as well as wireless home alarm systems. They range from basic and entry-level magnetic alarms that are quite efficient in detecting intruders entering through a rear or front door to more advanced and sophisticated (computer-assisted) security systems, which also come equipped with motion detectors.

Some of these highly advanced security systems also have wireless panic buttons and shock sensors that help keep tabs on activities happening within your property lines. The best thing about these whole-house systems is that they not only notice any suspicious activity at the entry point but they also report an intrusion to a monitoring station – it generally happens through a cellular telephone.

Some of these sophisticated home security systems secure both ground level and second-floor windows. However, it is worth mentioning that some contractors opt for magnetic sensors, but others would prefer using “shock detectors”, which activate when someone breaks your window. The good thing is that sometimes homeowners don’t want the alarm to turn itself on when they open a window. The solution to this problem is available, which involves “alarming the screen” – the alarm will be activated only when someone cuts through the window screen.

In addition, there are many other more refined and sophisticated systems that utilize several different technologies. For instance, you can opt for a system that comes with a central transmitter capable of deactivating those modules that connect to your appliances and lights. When you use this system with a standard home security alarm system and a computer, you as well as your home security providers can activate any lights or devices in your home. This system can often help when you don’t occupy your house for a few days or weeks, and your monitoring company could actually turn on the lights in your house, including the lights in the garage and the floodlights. This often gives the impression of occupancy and keeps intruders away.

Buying the Best Home Security System

It means is that there are a number of options for you to consider at the time of buying a home security system alarm. However, you should not make a hasty decision and ensure that the system you choose comes with some important features. For instance:

  • Make sure the alarm system you’re going to select comes with an automatic reset feature. It will ensure that you don’t have to do anything to reset the system in case it is tripped accidentally.
  • It is also a good idea to put your money on a system that comes with a battery backup. You have to consider it because most residential security systems will be disabled with power failure – this could happen accidentally or you may encounter a burglar who knows how to disconnect the incoming electrical lines.
  • Don’t buy a system that doesn’t come equipped with a panic button. With this button, you can activate the alarm without having to wait until someone actually trips it. This helps in case you notice someone entering your property but is still outside your home.
  • Some sophisticated systems from companies offering home security services allow you to attach heat and smoke detectors with them. Opt for these systems as they not only protect your home from theft but also offer some protection from fire.

Other Tips to Keep Intruders at Bay

Some people are of the view that having a dog with a real loud yapper is a better option as compared to installing home security system, but that’s not the case when you talk about a sophisticated, whole-house security system that informs a law enforcement agency about any intrusion within seconds. Surely, a dog cannot take such steps, but of course, having a dog is better than having nothing at all. Actually, the thing is that burglaries are often crimes of opportunity, which means you can take certain steps to ensure that a would-be burglar stays away from your property. For instance:

  • Getting an alarm installed is always the best choice, but if you are worried about home security system price, you should ensure that you at least have a law sign proclaiming that your property is under surveillance and protected by alarm home security systems. This is often enough to press a burglar to search for a more vulnerable target.
  • Under no circumstances should you leave your doors and windows open. Protect them with headless screws, so that even if a burglar manages to enter your house, they should not be able to remove the screws and bolts. Similarly, you should consider installing double-hung windows for better security.
  • Make sure the landscaping is not going to work as a cover for a would-be burglar. A house in thick bushes and long trees is usually more attractive for burglars as compared to properties where they cannot hide themselves. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prune the lower limbs of trees, as this will improve visibility – you should also make sure hedges and bushes are not close to your windows.

By taking these steps, you will be able to keep trouble away from your property. However, it’s important to understand that though a security system will offer maximum protection, it can sometimes cause a concern or two. The problem is that you will have to hire a contractor for home security system installation, who can take advantage of your situation. It is therefore important to ensure that you opt for a licensed contractor for alarm system installation.



Few Effective Ways to Prevent Home Burglary

With so many stories rolling out about an increase in the number of incidents involving theft and burglary, it’s obvious to wonder whether your home is safe enough or not. Of course, burglars often let their imagination run wild and get creative to break in, but a few precautions mixed with some common sense will always go a long way in protecting your home from theft.

  • Something that almost always works is a home security system. With a number of companies offering a variety of home security solutions, it’s possible to select one as per your needs and budget constraint. These systems come with specifically designed alarms that inform homeowners, and sometimes the police, as soon as someone trespasses. For some people, it’s not that convenient to invest on a sophisticated home security system. If you’re one of them, you should definitely take other precautions, but at the same time, take advantage of a little trick – put a home security sign at your property line, even if you have not acquired the service. This alone is sometimes enough to make a thief think that they would be better off looking for another house on the block.
  • Although a home security system is desirable, you should at least install motion sensors.  The best thing you can do is install motion sensors on outdoor lights – the lights will turn on or blink quickly if an intruder triggers them. A small investment on these motion sensors can actually save you from being a victim of nighttime break-ins.
  • Keep doors and windows locked, even during the day. Here, you should pay special attention to your garage doors, as they often service to advertise your belongings to thieves. Also, make sure you don’t keep anything of high value in your garage that would appeal to thieves. For better protection, make sure to install deadbolts on all windows – you may also opt for headless bolts for all exterior doors and take special steps to strengthen strike plate.
  •  It also makes sense to install curtains or blinds on your windows. Without these, a burglar would have a clear view of what you’re doing inside your home – they will find out where you sit to watch TV or where you keep your wallet and other valuable stuff. Window treatments not only make your interior look more stylish, it also keep your life more private.
  • Learn to be creative with landscaping. Take some time and think if the kind of landscaping you’re opting for will provide burglars a hiding spot or escape route. If that’s the case, you’ll have to revamp everything to feel safe. Remember, abundant trees and bushes may make your house look impressive, but they will serve burglars in many ways. This is one big reason why yards with more open spaces and less shrubbery aren’t that appealing to burglars.
  • Always bear in mind that the security of your home starts from the property lines. That’s the reason why it’s essential to install high wooden fences to keep intruders from entering – securing your gate with a lock is also a good idea for enhanced protection. At the same time, you should never let a would-be burglar take advantage of darkness. Therefore, you should take steps to ensure that your property is well lit at night.

Preventing Home Burglary While You’re Away

Whether you’re planning a long vacation or simply going away with your family for a couple of weeks, you may always have to worry about the security of your property. This is when the following tips will help a lot.

  • Play your part to be on friendly terms with your neighbors, as they will call the police if they notice some suspicious activity happening around your property. So, make sure you take this seriously and interact with your neighbors.
  • Take advantage of technology. When you’re not home, you may want to make use of timers to turn your lights off and on from time to time. This will make a would-be burglar think that you are at home. Another great idea is to put your radio or TV on timer – this noise will play a big role in preventing burglaries.
  • If you’re going away for an extended time, it is important to stop mail delivery to your home – or at lest talk to your neighbor and have them pick your mail and newspapers. By letting your mail arrive at your doorstep with no one there to pick it up, you will signal a would-be burglar that no one is there in the house.
  • Make sure you always let the police know about your trip. Letting a sheriff know that you won’t be around for a few days is a good idea because this will inspire them to pay regular visits to your property to ensure everything is fine.